tips to get ready for winter

Don t Prune Trees or Shrubs Until Late Winter

Tips to get ready for Winter

Winter is the coldest season of the year in temperate climates, between autumn and spring.
Don t Prune Trees or Shrubs Until Late Winter
You may be tempted to get out the pruning shears after the leaves fall, when you can first see the underlying structure of the plant. But horticulturalists advise waiting to prune until late winter for most plants, when they have been long dormant and just before spring growth begins.
To get advice specific to your plants and region, consult master gardeners at local nurseries or horticulturalists with your state university's cooperation extension department. One exception: You may need to hire an arborist to remove deadfall or trim limbs close to your home or power lines that could cause problems in a winter storm.

Restock Winter Essentials
Clean the Gutters
Reverse Your Ceiling Fans
Tune Up Your Heating System
Hit the Roof
Call a Chimney Sweep
Prevent Ice Dams
Prepare to Stow Your Mower
Mulch Leaves When You Mow
Divert Water
Test Your Sump Pump
Turn Off Exterior Faucets
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