tips to get ready for vacation

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Dress for speediness

Tips to get ready for Vacation

Vacation definition, a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity.
Dress for speediness

To avoid setting off the metal detector, steer clear of clothing, jewelry, or other accessories containing excessive metal. Examples include decorative zippers, buttons, large belt buckles, or underwire bras. Wear easy-to-remove shoes. Suggested footwear includes flip-flops and thin-soled sandals without metal.

Where to Stay on Your Hawaiian Vacation
Be flexible
Dress for speediness
Put paper clips and duct tape on your packing list
When to Go on Your Hawaiian Vacation
Make sure all your credit card companies and banks know where you are traveling and the dates
Hawaiian Vacation Destinations and Activities
Bring a sunscreen stick rather than a bottle for sun protection
Value unscheduled time
Plan things from a guidebook
Keep your vacation private
Take care of yourself
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