tips to get ready for vacation

BEFORE you start to pack

Tips to get ready for Vacation

Vacation definition, a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity.
BEFORE you start to pack

its important to know every airline has their own rules and fees when it comes to luggage, strollers, car seats, golf clubs, etc (and they are always changing). Be sure to double check the baggage rules and fees ahead of time to avoid costly mistakes. This will give you time to plan exactly what gear your family will need to take. It will also give you time to purchase any gear you may potentially need (suitcases, umbrella strollers etc).Most airlines charge for checked luggage. If you are bag is very large or weighs more than 50 pounds, most airlines charge a premium fee for this. Use your bathroom scale to double check and avoid surprises.Generally each passenger is allowed one carry on bag and one personal item. Think of a carry on bag to be comparable to the size of one standard flully bed pillow. Carry on bags must be able to fit in the storage compartments above your seat. Personal items are things like purses, laptop bags or kid size backpacks. Personal items MUST be able to fit UNDER the seat in front of you. BE SURE to keep very important items like medication, cash and your childs lovie with you at all times in your carry on gear.Kids luggage If you pay for an airline seat for your baby, they are entitled to the same luggage rules as adults. In this case, their diaper bag could count as their carry on. If your baby is flying free, then they are not entitled to a carry on and would need to pay for luggage. Parents will need to carry all diaper bag necessities in their OWN carry on bags. For older kids we just love these fun ride on, carry on suitcases that help to make getting thru the airport more fun.

Take the time to prepare for your trip
Pack extra plastic bags
Decide when to drive
Establish Travel Central
Bring versatile footwear and accessories
Keep your vacation private
A special tip for parents
Be flexible
Packing for Your Hawaii Vacation
Bring your own snacks
Figure out how to get there
Take naps
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