tips to get ready for party

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Eyebrow time

Tips to get ready for Party

A party is a gathering of people who have been invited by a host for the purposes of socializing.
Eyebrow time

You can not do as many things with them as your eyes, but they are incredibly important as they frame your face. You may have had them threaded, plucked or waxed professionally in advance but even so use a good magnifying mirror and lighting to pluck any rogue hairs. Remember not to over pluck you do not want to look constantly surprised Its best to pluck eyebrows at this stage after the shower because the pores on your face are more open and it is less likely to hurt too

Make sure your bedroom is tidy
Spray your favourite perfume on
Outfit chosen make sure you have accessories and all the necessities chosen too
Get dressed in your party outfit
Take shower
Apply deodorant
Check in the mirror
You want to look your best
Eyebrow time
Check the dress code
Style your hair
Make up time
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