tips to get ready for office

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Tips to get ready for Office

An office is generally a room or other area where administrative work is done.
11. Change Room Amenities
All of the heavy duty things we use at home are sitting right in the GoodLife change room waiting for you to use them. Need to dry your hair? No problem! Didn
12. Make sure everything is clearly documented
Make sure everything is clearly documented
13. Have at least eight to eleven hours of sleep
An average teenager should have and needs a minimum of nine hours of sleep So if you get up at six, you'll have to go to bed at nine. Not going to happen? Well you want to feel, look and act your best for the first day; and if you're groggy, irritable and have under-eye circles on the first day, then you should rethink staying up until one in the morning.
14. Make sure you eat breakfast in the morning
It keeps your stomach full for awhile, and its perfect brain food! Also, breakfast is the most important meal of the day because when you don't eat for so long your body goes into a starvation mode that causes you're body to store carbs and causing you to gain weight.
15. Try to join clubs or do sports
Try clubs that interest you. They are a great way to meet people and develop great friendships with those who share your interests. If you do sports, remember that your behavior and grades affect your position on the team; and health affects your performance.
16. All you have to do is be yourself because if you re acting like someone else then no one will really know who you are
Be confident but not too confident. Just don't let anyone get the wrong impression of you.
17. Plan the outfits you re going to wear during the first week of office
Doing this will ease the stress of the first day. Try to correctly interpret your offices dress code and wear an appropriate outfit. Below are some guidelines for things you should buy when you go office clothes shopping to avoid disappointment and a clothes meltdown before office. Have a budget planned. A good suggestion is between $50 and $100; if your parents would prefer for your budget to be more or less, then go for it.Try to look nice; but be sure to stick with your style. You don't want to have a fancy outfit for the first day and then show up the next day with a style totally different. That would just be weird. Don't let anybody tell you exactly what to wear the first day. You'll probably feel better if you wear your favorite jeans or shorts you love and add a brand new top or a bold accessory. Wear what feels comfortable so you will look and feel confident.If your office has uniforms, try buying office-friendly accessories to go with your uniforms.
18. Warnings
Do not be late on the first day.Do not be rude to the people you meet up with when you are going to your office.It will make a bad impression of you.Never gossip or spread rumors. You will just end up not being who you really are inside!Do not get involved in any fights! Be nice to others even if they aren't your friends. Ignore the bullies and walk away from them.Try not to make mistakes on the first day.

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