tips to get ready for new year

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Paint Your Nails

Tips to get ready for New Year

The calendar year just begun or about to begin.Happy New Year , New Years Day .
Paint Your Nails

Check that they are all the same length and shape. Apply nail varnish. A base coat, colour and topcoat are essential for the best nails. When applying the three different varnishes, always be patient and leave 5 minutes between each stage otherwise the layers will mix, smudge and not have the desired effect (trust me). Remember attention to details is essential. If you prefer not to wear any colour on your nails then opt for a nude or pale pink shade. Still too much? Then only wear a clear shade. Remember, feeling comfortable is critical to having a good time later on so never wear anything that will make you self-conscious throughout the party. Do not forget toe nails, especially if you are wearing peep-toes or sandals etc. Make sure your hands and feet are painted in the same colour. Please also note that the base-coat, colour and topcoat routine is not as critical for your toes.

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Tips to get ready for New Year
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