tips to get ready for long drive

Route Plan

Tips to get ready for Long Drive

Long Driving rather than flying or taking a train can often be more convenient .
Route Plan

The biggest killers on the road are fatigue and alcohol. Before you depart you should quickly research a rough plan of your route including the driving times and distances. If you will be stopping to sightsee en route you should plan a maximum of four hours of driving in a day. If you have a long distance driving day you should plan to have a non-driving day afterwards to recover. Make sure you do not drink alcohol and drive.Allow an extra day or two so you can be flexible if you decide to stay longer in a place or decide to break a longer drive into two shorter driving days, or if something unexpected occurs. Also do some initial research into sightseeing options along the way so you know where you are interested to visit and can build these into your plan.Online tools such as Google Maps enable you to quickly put together a route plan.

Be comfy
What Ifs
Drive to your destination
Gather things you need for the car trip
Choose the right car
Have fun and enjoy the ride
Pack your suitcase a few days before the trip
Before you go
Prepare the car
Make lists a week or two before the trip
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