tips to get ready for group discussion

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Body Gestures are very Important

Tips to get ready for Group Discussion

A discussion group is an online forum for individuals to discuss various topics amongst each other.
Body Gestures are very Important

?The panelists observe the way you sit and react in the course of the discussion. . Body gestures are very important, because your body language says a lot about you.In a GD, sit straight, avoid leaning back on to the chair or knocking the table with pen or your fingers. Also, do not get thoughtless easily. For example, if the door in room you are sitting in opens, do not look back to see who it is , this will show how sincere you are?.

Be Aware of Topics that are Repeated
Make Sure you Read Widely
Manage your body language
Behavioural and personality skills
Choose Magazines that are Rich in Content
Manage your time
Don t
Make sure to bring the discussion on track
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