tips to get ready for group discussion

Be Aware of Topics that are Repeated

Tips to get ready for Group Discussion

A discussion group is an online forum for individuals to discuss various topics amongst each other.
Be Aware of Topics that are Repeated

Often, there are topics which re-appear with minute changes and minor variations. Be aware of such topics well in advance so that you have ample time to prepare for the same. For example the issues of terrorism, gender inequality, poverty, Ayodhya conflict, liberalization and privatization, reservations in educational institutions etc often appear as GD topics. Make sure you know these topics well and can come up with some unique, insightful points along with dates, stating facts.

Listen to the Topic Given During GD Carefully
Allow others to speak
Body Gestures are very Important
Gesture Expression
Keep eye contact while speaking
Be Aware of Topics that are Repeated
Read the position details and read them well
Refresh your knowledge of business and politics
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