tips to get ready for graduation

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Do not Forget About Your Friends

Tips to get ready for Graduation

A Graduation is the receiving or conferring of an academic degree or diploma.
Do not Forget About Your Friends

The last few weeks of school are extremely hectic. Finals are wrapping up, people are packing to go home and you are trying to enjoy the last few weeks of college life. Before all of this craziness begins, start gathering the contact information of those around you. Telephone numbers, email addresses, or whatever you need to stay in touch with them.

Get hair makeup and nails done
Make sure your documents are in order
Learning Does not Stop When You Graduate
Do You Have Enough Credits
Complete the Required Paperwork
Live Below Your Means
Life Is All About The People
Stand Out From The Crowd
Start thinking about what kind of dress you want for the dance
Buy your shoes and undergarments to go with your dress
Start thinking about a date
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