tips to get ready for foreign trip

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Become Familiar with not fluent in the Language

Tips to get ready for Foreign Trip

A state visit is a formal visit by a foreign head of state to another nation.
Become Familiar with not fluent in the Language

Beyond just being a form of communication, language is an important component of any culture. Put yourself in the mind of a four year old and learn your verbal manners in a foreign tongue by memorizing how to say these six phrases: Please, thank you, yes sir, no sir, hello, and goodbye. Perhaps order some CDs of local music in your favorite genres. A few language learning CDs are fine, but do not feel the need to go overboard! I have seen it time and time again, where overachievers learn to say more than a few things so well that they fool the natives into thinking that they also understand everything! This is a prime example of how a little knowledge can be dangerous!

Understand the local food scene plan ahead of time to stay hydrated and like a good girl scout be prepared
Cut back on electronic gadgetry Or at least get ready to charge it
Exercise caution in duty free shops
Do not learn the hard way what cellphone use overseas will cost
Make a List With What You Need
Never pack something that you haven
Find out the international exchange rate by searching for currency converters online
Phone Home
Your safety
Pack wisely
Get a passport and anything is possible
Learn what is offensive in your host country
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