tips to feng shui your home

Use your front door

Tips to Feng Shui Your Home

Use your front door

Many people live in homes where they drive up into the garage and use the back door to get in While this is very convenient from a Feng Shui perspective this may limit good energy and opportunities in your life because again the entry door represents how chi enters your home and life The easy Feng Shui fix? Start using the front door at least once week The more often the better! Just open and close it when you go get the mail or maybe to take walk Write it into your regular routine

What if you like uncovered windows but your view is of a brick wall or your neighbors rusty swing set
Lets talk about the decor
Eliminate clutter
Where should the sofa be
Lets move to the bedroom Overall tips
It seems like there are a lot of rules about the bedroom
What else do you think about when you use feng shui in a living room
Replace or fix anything that is broken cracked molding rotting or in any kind of disrepair
So circles are good
Get plants
Crystals are feng shui so is a crystal chandelier best
Use your front door
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