tips to feng shui your home

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Make your entrywayentrancing

Tips to Feng Shui Your Home

Make your entrywayentrancing

The entrywayis considered the mouth of chi where all of your opportunities come in It is also the placeyouenter Make it inspiring and it will make your heart sing every time you come home Add a fresh door matgreeters? such as colorful pots of flowers on the sides of the door paint the door the color you love clean the cob webs replace broken bulbs and make it look like you are proud to live there This is the first impression others get of who you are and what you have to offer make sure you are sending the message you want!I loved this top photo of an apartment I walked by yesterday what a happy time you would have walking up to your front door!SeeHow to Welcome Opportunities

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Make your entrywayentrancing
Move furniture you spend the most time on away from beams or ceiling fans
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Use It Or Lose It
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