tips for success in group discussions

Speak politely and pleasantly

Tips for success in Group Discussions

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Speak politely and pleasantly
As you speak make sure that you do not speak at the top of your voice. You should be audible and clear. Remember that you are participating in a discussion which is different from a speech given out by the leaders in their rallies. Even if you disagree with the other?s point of view, disagree politely. Use phrases like, I would like to disagree a bit here, I am sorry but I think I have a slightly different point of view here.

Be the first and also the Last to Speak
Try to take the initiative
Speak sensibly
Agree with the right
Make sure to bring the discussion on track
Formal dressing
Enter by increasing volume
Body Gestures are very Important
Allow others to speak
Take care of your dressing as well
Be assertive not aggressive
Listening Skills are Essential

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