things women love about men

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Things Women Love About Men

things that make women the most satisfied in relationships.
11. Crowning glory
Nothing like a funky haircut! A good hairstyle can give you a different look altogether. What are you waiting for? Get that stunner look so you can impress that chick you have been eyeing.
12. Magic of your hands
You might have taken your girlfriend to the hottest restaurants in town, yet she will not mind if you can cook one of her favourite dishes when she's hungry. Such moments are never forgotten.
13. Pleasure
Women want to feel pure sensual stimulation. What do men talk about? Business, sports, and women. But what do women talk about? Men and Women relationships.
14. Adventure
Women want to feel excitement and anticipation. They have a strong desire to trust in someone who will lead them into emotional charged experiences that they wouldn
15. Loyalty
Loyalty allows a woman to feel safe. It gives her a sense of security.
16. Imagination
Imagination allows a woman to feel stimulated. It gives her a sense of pleasure.
17. Passion
Passion allows a woman to feel excitement. It gives her a sense of adventure.

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