things that men think women can never learn

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Women Cant Learn To Window Shop

Things That Men Think Women Can Never Learn

Women Cant Learn To Window Shop

Shopping is one major weakness of a woman. You just have to understand that. If we see an awesome dress or a shoe through a window, we cant help not getting into the shop and buying it. The first thing that enters our minds is that what if we spend a day just thinking about buying the dress and when you come back, it has already been bought. The worst comes when we see another woman wearing that dress or shoe that we desperately wanted to get while window shopping. It is actually depressing, because we just know that it would have looked so much better on us than them! Depression is a new name for untamed rage. So next time you choose to take us window shopping, imagine what your life would become in case you choose not to buy us that amazing Nina Ricci shoe.

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