things that men think women can never learn

Things That Men Think Women Can Never Learn

11. Women Cant Learn To Try Not To Change You
It goes without saying that we women are an absolute 180 degrees opposite of what you men are. There are certain, well perhaps a lot of things about you which drive us up the wall and we want them to be changed. We change everything about our original existence from the sweet sixteen years to what we are with you all now. You think we cant change and are here to conquer the world! You are right about that, but its you who doesnt want to change anything. For instance, when you come back from work, it will not take you very long to get into the shower, change and be all fresh. Is it too much to ask of you to keep your work stench away from us? Or when you get into the bed every night and he turns over to play a silly game on his cell phone, killing all intimacy and putting you both to sleep, as we too have another long day to look forward too. Hence, by changing you we are being generous enough to make your life simple and putting our peace of mind at ease.

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