things that define your personality

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Things That Define Your Personality

Before you can define who you are, you have to understand your personality.
21. Focus on your personality
Personality is the sum of all characteristics that make a person, you, unique. Another way of thinking of it is personality is like a puzzle, its made up of many pieces. Its natural to have many different kinds of emotions on different subjects.
22. Figure out your Personality Traits
Extroverts people who like to be around people and communicate with them. Introverts - people who like to be alone most often, and are energized from spending time alone.Influences on personality At a young age, your personality is already forming by things you see and hear. For the rest of your life, your personality will still be changing. When your older, youre an adult, you usually have a base personality, for example, all your friends agree your fun to be around and the life of the party. But when you grow older, you may tend to change your personality and start to enjoy more low-key activities.
23. Know your Self concept
Self concept is how you see yourself, your opinion of yourself and the way you see yourself. On the outside AND inside.
24. Building Self esteem
Self-esteem is the way you feel about yourself. Building self-esteem -except yourself -forgive yourself -learn a new skill -reach out to others -be positive -be assertive NOT aggressive
25. Openness
Openness refers to traits, such as how inclined someone is to conform to societal or cultural norms, how concretely or abstractly someone thinks about things, and how open or resistant someone is to change. A person who is a creative thinker and always looking for ways to do things better would likely score high on measures of openness.
26. Conscientiousness
Conscientiousness has to do with a persons degree of organization, level of discipline, and how prone he or she is to taking risks. The college student who never misses a class and has a 4.0 GPA would probably prove to have a high degree of conscientiousness as measured on a personality assessment.
27. Extraversion
Extraversion is a personality characteristic that describes things like how social a person is or how warm and loving they tend to be. Extraverts are people who would typically prefer to go out to a party with lots of friends, as opposed to stay in and watch a movie with one or two friends.
28. Agreeableness
Agreeableness takes into account how kind, dependable, and cooperative a person is. People who score high on scales of agreeableness are typically more interested in doing things for the common good, as opposed to fulfilling their own self-interests.
29. Neuroticism
Neuroticism is a personality characteristic that describes how nervous or anxious a person tends to be, as well as the degree of self-confidence and self-contentment he or she possesses. Individuals who score high on levels of neuroticism will often be preoccupied with the what ifs of life. They tend to be worrisome and preoccupied with things that might not be within their control.
30. Insecure
In addition to generally being a very anxious person, I feel very uncertain about my competence, worth, and characteristics.

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