the worlds most haunted hotels

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The Worlds Most Haunted Hotels

Dare you stay in the world's scariest, most mysteriously haunted hotels?
21. Bourbon Orleans US
It s rumoured that many ghosts from different eras of the building s history roam the halls of the Bourbon Orleans hotel. The building was once a convent and orphanage and the most frequently told story is of the young girl who is seen rolling a ball and chasing it down the sixth floor corridors. Others have reported seeing the ghost of a dancer in the ballroom and as well as the ghost of a soldier who is said to inhabit the third and sixth floors.
22. Hotel Chelsea US
The historic New York hotel was built in 1884 and known for its high profile guests, from Andy Warhol to Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan. The ghost of Welsh writer and poet Dylan Thomas, who died at the hotel apparently after a night of excessive drinking, is believed to have never left the hotel. The ghost of American novelist Thomas Wolfe is also said to haunt the eighth floor, while that of former Sex Pistols member Sid Vicious, who was suspected of stabbing his girlfriend in Room 100, is said to linger at the east elevator of the hotel.
23. Hollywood Roosevelt US
Marilyn Monroe was a resident at this landmark Los Angeles hotel which hosted the first Academy Awards in 1929. Guests and hotel staff have reported seeing a blonde woman in the long mirror found in Monroe
24. Dragsholm Slot Denmark
Built in the 12th century, the Dragsholm Slot castle is said to be haunted by the ghosts of two women and the Earl of Bothwell. It s rumoured that one woman used to work as a maid in the building while the other was the daughter of one of the previous castle owners. The Earl of Bothwell was allegedly imprisoned in the castle and died in the cellars in 1578.
25. Russell Hotel Australia
Room number eight of this Sydney hotel is said to be haunted by the spirit of a sailor. Staff members have also claimed to have heard unexplained footsteps over creaky floors during the night. The hotel offers ghost tours for guests wanting to learn more about its haunting past.
26. Hotel Burchianti Italy
Hotel Burchianti in Florence is said to be full of ghosts, with guests claiming to have seen children skipping down the halls, a woman knitting in a chair, and a maid doing her cleaning rounds in the early morning hours. Visitors to the Fresco Room, where Benito Mussolini once stayed, reported feeling they were being watched and an icy breath on their faces.
27. Karosta Prison Hostel Latvia
In the 20th century, Karosta Prison was used as a Nazi and Soviet military prison. It s no wonder the transformed prison themed hotel is said to experience paranormal activity as thousands of prisoners allegedly died on site. If staying in the hotel and being treated like a prisoner isn t enough, the staff will tell guests stories about lightbulbs that unscrew from their sockets, doors that open by themselves and the ghost of a woman who hanged herself that wanders the corridors.
28. Castle Stuart Inverness Scotland
This castle turned hotel in Scotland has been the site of many ghostly encounters, particularly in the East Tower. The story goes that the Earl of Moray was determined to put an end to the ghostly tales of this tower and hired the biggest, baddest man in the village to stay for a night. The next morning, the hired help was discovered, dead, thrown from a window and with a look of fear frozen on his face. The haunting continues to this day.
29. Fort Garry Hotel Winnipeg
This hotel was built in 1913 by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway and is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Canada. Cleaners have reported seeing objects fly from shelves and a woman who reportedly hung herself at the hotel crying in a corner.
30. Sagamore Resort Bolton Landing New York
It is believed there are several ghosts at this hotel in the Adirondack Mountains. The ghost of a young boy plays pranks on golfers, while the ghosts of a couple visit hotel restaurants and sometimes argue. Hotel workers have also reported seeing the ghost of a stout man with handlebar moustache riding the elevators.

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