the worlds most haunted hotels

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The Worlds Most Haunted Hotels

Dare you stay in the world's scariest, most mysteriously haunted hotels?
11. Langham Hotel London
12. Fairmont Banff Springs Canada
Guests and staff members claim they ve encountered a bellhop dressed in full uniform on the ninth floor, who seems to disappear after he s done helping guests. He is believed to be the ghost of former employee Sam Macauley, who died in 1967 following the announcement of his retirement. Another resident ghost is thought to be of a young bride who died on her wedding day at the hotel. Guests have reportedly felt a draft along the hotel s marble stairwell where she tumbled to her death.
13. Grand Hyatt Hotel Taiwan
Taipei s luxurious resort was built over a former wartime political prison and is said to be haunted by the ghosts of several inmates who were executed, according to local residents. The hotel has placed a Chinese sutra and other sacred scrolls throughout the lobby in an attempt to rid the place of any wandering spirits.
14. The Carolina Inn US
Guests at this historic hotel in North Carolina have reported sightings of a portly man wearing a long blue coat wandering the halls. The description is said to match pictures of Dr Jacocks, a former resident of the inn. Other guests have heard footsteps in empty rooms.
15. Hawthorne Hotel US
The Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts has hosted several famous guests, including former US president George Bush and his wife Barbara. But the hotel also witnessed a lot of unusual activity, from missing keys to water tap and lights turning on by themselves. The ghost of a woman apparently roams the hall outside Room 612.
16. The Brown Palace Hotel And Spa US
This Colorado hotel holds regular ghost tours during the month of October, telling the stories of unexplained paranormal activity reported by former guests and staff through the years. The tales have included sightings of a railroad conductor as well as a string quartet in the San Marco Room, where musical performances were held. The quartet reportedly asssured the bellman who spotted them saying We live here.
17. The Stanley Hotel US
Colorado s Stanley Hotel was opened by F O Stanley, the inventor of America s Stanley Steamer automobiles, in 1907 and paranormal activity has been a part of the hotel s history ever since. Elisabeth Wilson, a former housekeeper, who died at the hotel in 1911, is said to have returned to assist guests in Room 217 in the past, unpacking and storing away their belongings. The sounds of children running and giggling down the halls are also regularly reported on the fourth floor. The ghosts of Mr Stanley and his wife are said to pass through the lobby quite frequently, according to staff members and guests. Mrs Stanley is also said to be heard playing her piano in the music room.
18. The Jekyll Island Club US
This historic luxury hotel in Georgia housed several famous wealthy Americans, including banker J P Morgan, who was known for smoking his favourite cigar at 5am every morning in the annex. Many years later, guests have reported smelling cigar smoke at the hotel at the same early morning hour. Samuel Spencer, a railroad executive of Southern Railway, is another former guest of the hotel. He died in 1906 but is said to visit his favourite suite.
19. Heathman Hotel US
Three rooms at the Heathman Hotel in Portland, Oregon are reported to be the most haunted rooms in the hotel. There have been frequent complaints of drops in temperature, unexplained noises and other paranormal activity reported by different guests. Some claimed to have seen a hazy face watching them in the shadows. Objects often seemed to have been moved around and towels found soiled with no explanation.
20. Anchorage Hotel US
The supernatural occurences that take place at the historic Anchorage hotel in Alaska are attributed to the death of police officer John J Black Jack Sturgus. He was discovered shot in the back with a bullet from his own gun just steps from the hotel. It s rumoured that he returns to the hotel every year, seeking justice for an unsolved crime.

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