the worlds most haunted hotels

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The Worlds Most Haunted Hotels

Dare you stay in the world's scariest, most mysteriously haunted hotels?
1. Elvey Farm England
Situated in Pluckley, which according to the Guiness Book of Records is England
2. Airth Castle Scotland
A ghostly dog that nips at guests ankles, unseen children playing in rooms 3, 9 and 23, and sightings of a nanny and two young children who are said to have died in a fire are just some of the sightings at this 14th century castle in Stirlingshire.
3. Chillingham Castle England
This appropriately named 12th century castle in Northumberland has a gruesome history of executions. Traitors met a grisly end by a variety of means, including being hung, drawn and quartered. Today, visitors to the castle can visit the Torture Chamber note the sloping floor designed to allow blood to drain away more easily complete with an executioner
4. Akasaka Weekly Mansion Tokyo Japan
Guests report strange mists that spiral from the air vents, the touch of ghostly hands, and lights that flick on and off of their own accord. However, the most terrifying tale is reserved for the female guest who claimed to have been dragged across a room by her hair by an unseen presence.
5. The Mermaid Inn England
Chairs that rock unaided, ghostly visions of men in mid duel, and clothes that become wet when placed by the fire are just some of the frightening phenomena at this centuries old coaching inn in Rye, East Sussex.
6. Monte Cristo Homestead New South Wales Australia
Built in 1884 by Christopher William Crawley, Monte Cristo Homestead has had its fair share of tragedy. Mrs Crawley who died 23 years after her husband came to her demise aged 92 of a ruptured appendix. Renowed as the dominant ghost haunting Monte Cristo Homestead, Mrs Crawley is among many of ghosts witnessed by current owners, Reg and Olive Ryan.
7. Ballygally Castle Hotel Northern Ireland
Lady Isobella Shaw, a former resident of the castle in 1625, is said to have paid frightening visits to guests before mysteriously disappearing. Lord Shaw was said to have locked her alone inside a room immediately after she gave birth to their son. She died after falling out of a window in an attempt to escape. It is believed the ghost of Lady Isobella Shaw has wandered the castle for more than 400 years in search of the son who was taken from her.
8. Ahwahnee Hotel US
The sixth floor of this hotel in California s Yosemite National Park is said to be haunted by the spirit of one of the hotel s former developers, Mary Curry Tresside. Staff have also claimed seeing a rocking chair on the third floor, a chilling reminder of when John F Kennedy requested a rocking chair for his room during his visit in 1962.
9. Hotel del Coronado US
Unusual activity was reported at this hotel in California following the unexplained death of Kate Morgan, who was found dead just days after she d checked in. Guests who have stayed in her room were reported to have witnesssed lights flickering, the television turning on by itself, and even a woman standing by the window. This resort, built in 1888 has had a host of famous visitors, including former presidents. It is also rumoured this is where King Edward VIII first met Wallis Simpson.
10. Toftaholm Herrgard Sweden
Guests at this 14th century former country manor, set on the shores of Lake Vid

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