the supercars

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Rapier SL C 222mph

The Supercars

A supercar is a very expensive and high performance sports car or grand toure.
Rapier SL C 222mph

This pseudo racer with number plates gets a supercharged 6.2litre Chevy V8 making 638hp a relatively modest output by the standards set so far. Still, its good enough to shoot the Rapier Superlight Coup?, or SLC, to a terminal velocity of 222mph. Oh, and what a name.

Hennessey Venom F5 290mph plus
Icona Vulcano 217mph
Trion Nemesis 300mph
Wysstec Leblanc Mirabeau 230mph
Beck LM 800 217mph
Faralli and Mazzanti Evantra 200mph plus
Arrinera Hussarya 224mph
Lotech Mercedes Benz C1000 268mph
Shayton Equilibrium 250mph
Gemballa Mirage GT 208mph
Tramontana 202mph
Rapier SL C 222mph
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