the summer vacation tips

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The Summer Vacation Tips

21. Do it anywhere
Bodyweight exercisescan be done anywhere and require zero equipment. Bust a move in your hotel room to keep fit. Do not leave luggage unattended or carry anything on board an airplane for someone you do not know.
22. Stash food
Ask for a room with a minifridge and keep it stocked with healthy snacks like fruits, veggies, and nuts to avoid room service. Be prepared for more rigorous security checks than in the past. Expect more frequent hand inspection of carryon luggage and body searches through security terminals.
23. Keep work away
Its a vacation, remember?Resist the urge to check work emailsand focus on having fun. It will keep your mind clear and allow you to decompress. If you leave your house vacated, you may want to stop or suspend all deliveries ? an accumulation of newspapers and mail will attract the attention of wouldbe burglars. It is highly advisable to ask your trusted relatives, friends or neighbour to check your home regularly and collect mail and newspapers for you.
24. Free your mind
Meditating forjust a few minuteseach day can help relieve anxiety and stress. Bonus points if you can find a beautiful space to do it in. Clean out your wallet/purse before you go; take only essential credit cards. Plan to use credit cards or travelers checks instead of cash wherever possible.
25. Get the most out of time off
Doing activities that you enjoy,keeping your cell phone off, and sharing time with friends and family (or alone time!) ensure that youll get themost bang for your buckout of a vacation.
26. Go to a camp and learn something new
If you have always loved basketball, why not try swimming, rock climbing, or even art as a summer camp? If you love languages, why not try learning sign language? Learn to write, draw, bind books, make photo albums, knit ... the list goes on and on. Try something new and different, something that you know nothing whatsoever about, and you will gain a new skill and possibly find a lifelong love. Another upside is that you have a lot of time to practice and put your skill to use!
27. Start a summer business
This may differ depending on your age. However, make sure that it is ageappropriate and that you will follow through. Some ideas include a lemonade stand, babysitting, lawn care, or getting a summer job at a local library or restaurant. Dont be afraid to apply to different places.
28. Join a volunteer group of some sort
All communities have some sort of soup kitchen, or you can start being a candy striper or help out at your church. You will stay in contact with friends, have a great sense of accomplishment, stay active, and even help others!
29. Always have a first aid kit handy for small emergencies
It is a good idea to keep a kit in each car that you drive, and of course on for the home, possibly even one on each level of the house! Make sure that you have bandages, gauze tape, hydrogen peroxide or iodine, burn cream or spray, calamine lotion, and tweezers in your kit. This should come in handy for any minor scrapes, burns, rashes or splinters that could happen at any time!
30. Be wary of the sun
The sun is stronger than ever, and every day that you are outside should be a day that you apply sun block. The minimum protection level should be 15 SPF, and better yet use 50 SPF if you are at the pool or beach. Try to limit your time in the sun, too. If you are at a picnic or a pool party, try to get into the shade for some of the time and drink lots of water or lemonade.

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