The Pool
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Any of the following results in a game win:

  • A player legally pockets the 8 ball into a designated pocket, after all of that players object balls have been pocketed

  • The opposing player illegally pockets the 8 ball (e.g. before clearing all of that players object balls, does so on the same shot as the last such object ball, or the 8 falls into a pocket other than the one that was designated)

  • The opposing player knocks the 8 ball off the table.

  • The opposing player commits any foul, including scratching the cue ball into a pocket, or knocking it off the table, in the course of a shot that pockets the 8 ball. (As noted above, a scratch or other foul while shooting for the 8 ball is not a loss of the game if the 8 is not pocketed or jumped from the table.)

  • Spotting Balls
    Standard Call Shot
    Lagging to Determine Order of Play
    General Rules
    Pool Game types

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