the pool gems tips tricks and secrets

The Pool Gems Tips Tricks and Secrets

11. Carom and Kiss Shots
1.The 90 and 30 degree rules are very useful for aiming carom and kiss shots (see carom and kiss shot aiming).

2.When two OBs are frozen, the combination direction can be changed quite a bit with throw (see frozenball throw).

3.Bob Jewett s twotimesfuller and tentimes fuller systems are useful to aim frozen carom and kiss shots.
12. Throw
1.A solid understanding and feel for throw effects is important.

2.Maximum CIT, with no sidespin, occurs with slow speed at about a 1/2ball hit .

3.Maximum SIT occurs occurs with slow speed and about 50% sidespin .
4.Maximum throw, under typical conditions, is about 1 inch per foot of CB travel, which is about 5 degrees.

5.When the CB is fairly close to the OB, SIT can be used for a hold or kill shot to limit cue ball drift.

6.When balls are frozen, it is very easy to achieve maximum CIT of the 2nd ball .

7.Gearing outside english can be used to eliminate throw, but this might not be the best approach for all people and situations (see using outside english to prevent throw and cling).

8.Transferring spin from the CB to the OB is an important effects with some shots .
13. Break Shot
1.The optimal tip height for a lag shot is 20% of the ball radius above center .

2.Follow the best practices for an accurate, consistent, and effective break .

3.Knowing where different balls tend to go in a 9ball rack can be useful to know .

4.In 8ball, a 2ndball break from side can be used to make the 8ball on the break.

5.If you use a break cue with a natural pivot length well matched to your bridge length, stroking errors will not affect your accuracy .
14. Jump Shot
1.For best results, follow all of the recommended best practices .

2.For best jump results, aim between the center of the CB and resting point on the cloth .

3.To jump higher and shorter, elevate the cue; to jump longer, use more speed and less cue elevation .

4.With more cue elevation, the dark stroke will be more comfortable and effective for most people .

5.Jump shots are often over cut due to the CB hopping in the OB .
15. Masse Shot
1.For best results, follow all of the recommended best practices .

2.The Coriolis aiming system for masse shots can be very effective.

3.Aftercollision masse shots can be very useful when you need to curve the CB path after contact with the OB.

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