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Skoda Yeti SUV

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Skoda Yeti SUV

Skoda is owned by the Volkswagen Group, which means the parts and engines in the Skoda Yeti are tried and tested in many different cars. The build quality is excellent, and despite being a budget brand, Skoda s cars are put together really well and score highly for customer satisfaction. The Yeti is a safe place to be as well, with a five star Euro NCAP rating and six airbags as standard. The Yeti was picked as the best car overall in the Auto Express Driver Power 2014 survey, and customers seem happy with everything about their Skoda SUV.

Price 16,915 - 28,170


  • Enjoyable to drive

  • Versatile seating

  • Inexpensive to own

  • Cons

  • Removing seats takes effort

  • Harsh ride on poor road surfaces

  • Dull interior styling

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