the most reliable cars in the world

The Most Reliable cars in the world

1. Honda Jazz hatchback
Honda s reputation for the production of extremely reliable cars was established many years ago and is only further enhanced by the Honda Jazz coming first in the 2014 survey for reliability.
The Jazz is practical and economical and, although there s no diesel engine and the ride can be firm, is a good choice for hatchback buyers who value space and reliability.

Price 11,695 - 20,245


  • Great reliability record

  • Very practical

  • Superb build quality

  • Cons

  • No diesel engine

  • Not much fun to drive

  • Uncompetitive economy figures
  • 2. Mazda MX 5 roadster
    The top ten most reliable cars chart is rounded off with two cars from Mazda, the first of which is the Mazda MX 5. The car celebrated its 25th birthday in 2014 and has always had a reputation for superb reliability it s still going strong in that department today. What s particularly impressive is that the MX 5 is a car designed to be enjoyed by drivers, so it s likely to be put through its paces far more often than most of the cars on this list. Mazda came eight out of 33 firms in the 2014 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey and that s due in part to the reliability of its cars.

    Price 18,500 - 23,300


  • Super reliable

  • Loads of fun

  • Relatively affordable to run

  • Cons

  • Cramped interior

  • Very small boot

  • A bit dated
  • 3. Mazda3 hatchback
    In our review of the Mazda3, written when the car first launched, we predicted the car would prove to be reliable because of Mazda s reputation that has turned out to be the case, with owners rating it very highly. The Mazda3 is also very safe, boasting a five star safety rating from Euro NCAP thanks in part to a range of safety technology. The car is good to look at, and while customers have been slightly disappointed by in car technology and running costs, the Mazda3 is well liked for its build quality, road handling and reliability.

    Price 16,995 - 23,745


  • Cheap to run

  • Stylish design

  • Brilliant to drive

  • Cons

  • Entry-level engine is slow

  • Quite expensive to buy

  • Boot is smaller than some rivals
  • 4. Kia Rio hatchback
    Kia made a bold statement about reliability when it introduced an industry leading seven year/100,000 mile warranty across its entire range, and it seems like customers aren t having to make much use of it. The Kia Rio is the first of two Kia models to make the top ten most reliable cars list and none of its direct rivals, like the Ford Fiesta or Renault Clio get close. The 1.1 litre diesel Rio can return seriously impressive economy figures too, so if you re looking for an efficient, reliable supermini, the Rio is a good value proposition.

    Price 10,345 - 17,445


  • Cheap to run

  • Long warranty

  • Spacious interior

  • Cons

  • Vague steering

  • Dated interior

  • Rather slow
  • 5. Peugeot 2008 SUV
    Peugeot as a manufacturer vastly improved in the 2014 Driver Power survey, moving up 17 places to come 14th out of 33 and the 2008 is indicative of that improvement, coming in sixth place for reliability. Despite Peugeot s less than convincing reputation for reliability, their cars do seem to be improving of late and the 2008 has clearly been part of that revival. The interior of the car feels well built and the engines available to buyers have all been put through their paces in other models.

    Price 13,195 - 20,295


  • Comfortable ride

  • Economical engine options

  • Lots of space and a big boot

  • Cons

  • Not much fun to drive

  • Two wheel drive only

  • Slow petrol engines
  • 6. Skoda Yeti SUV
    Skoda is owned by the Volkswagen Group, which means the parts and engines in the Skoda Yeti are tried and tested in many different cars. The build quality is excellent, and despite being a budget brand, Skoda s cars are put together really well and score highly for customer satisfaction. The Yeti is a safe place to be as well, with a five star Euro NCAP rating and six airbags as standard. The Yeti was picked as the best car overall in the Auto Express Driver Power 2014 survey, and customers seem happy with everything about their Skoda SUV.

    Price 16,915 - 28,170


  • Enjoyable to drive

  • Versatile seating

  • Inexpensive to own

  • Cons

  • Removing seats takes effort

  • Harsh ride on poor road surfaces

  • Dull interior styling
  • 7. Kia Cee d hatchback
    The Kia Cee d is the second Kia model to make the top ten, proving that the Korean manufacturer is definitely doing something right when it comes to build quality and reliability. Although owners haven t been particularly impressed with performance or road handling, the hatchback, which has been engineered with value and durability in mind, has proved to be a hit for its reliability and in car technology. Rivals like the Volkswagen Golf and Peugeot 308 may command more of the spotlight in this class but the Kia is worthy competition, especially when you consider its seven year warranty.

    Price 14,805 - 24,205


  • Lots of space inside

  • Comfortable and easy to drive

  • Excellent value whether you buy new or used

  • Cons

  • Rivals hold their value better

  • Steering is overly light

  • Focus better to drive
  • 8. Audi Q3 SUV
    Like Lexus, Audi has an excellent reputation for reliability and the Q3 has benefitted from an engine range that has been tried and tested in other cars in the Volkswagen Group. The car comes with a three year/60,000 mile warranty and is quickly becoming one of Audi s most popular models since it went on sale three years ago.

    Price 25,380 - 45,540


  • Upmarket badge

  • Excellent interior

  • Strong resale values

  • Cons

  • Plain design

  • Expensive options

  • No real off road ability
  • 9. Toyota Prius hybrid hatchback
    The Toyota Prius is arguably the most famous hybrid model on the market, largely thanks to the fact that it was one of the very first cars to mix electric and petrol power. That might make the technology sound old but in reality it s been tried and tested to the extent that the car now sits in second place overall for reliability. The car benefits from Toyota s five year/100,000 mile warranty, so you re covered in the unlikely event of your Prius developing a problem.

    Price 21,995 - 33,395


  • Low running costs

  • Very practical interior

  • Reliable hybrid engine

  • Cons

  • High price

  • Ride is quite firm

  • Noisy when accelerating hard
  • 10. Lexus CT hatchback
    The Lexus brand still came top for reliability in the 2014 Driver Power manufacturer s rankings, despite slipping from first to fourth in the overall standings, and the Lexus CT performed similarly, coming fourth for reliability out of 150 cars despite an overall position of 51st. The CT is based on the second placed Toyota Prius, so it s not too surprising that it s proving similarly reliable. Though the car isn t the cheapest, the CT offers luxury to go with the green credentials of hybrid technology.

    Price 21,245 - 29,745


  • Good quality interior

  • Low CO2 emissions

  • Impressive reliability

  • Cons

  • Poor ride quality

  • CVT gearbox makes car noisy and slow

  • Batteries cut into rear seat and boot space

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