the best bulletproof cars

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Porsche Panamera 48 V8 Turbo

The Best Bulletproof Cars

these are a few of the best bulletproof vehicles you can buy today.
Porsche Panamera 48 V8 Turbo

The official line from Porsche is,we dont armourplate our cars. Perhaps they dont, but they may very well point you in the general direction of JS Armoured Cars of Frankfurt, Germany, who will undertake the conversion.

JS take the Panamera Turbo and give it enough protection to stop an M16, 9mm or .44 Magnum fired at point blank range. And, if, by chance, an assailant chose to attack by means of grenade or landmine, then a heavy dose of 3mm ballistics steel added to the roof and floor will further ensure safety.

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Porsche Panamera 48 V8 Turbo
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