ten ball billiards

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Type of Game

Ten Ball Billiards

Type of Game

10 ball billiards is played on a standard billiard table with only the ten object balls numbered one through ten, and the cue ball. 10 ball billiards is considered more difficult than other billiard games, and thus is usually the preferred game of players with higher skill levels. It is more difficult to pocket a ball off the break shot, break and run performances become progressively more difficult with each game in a set, and players can not win a game by pocketing the ten ball on a break shot or with a combination shot as they can in some other games.
This game tends to be fast paced, and as a result, is not meant to be played as a single game. Players should decide on a set number of games for the match before play begins. Normally this number is set at either nine, five, or seven. The first player to win that number of games wins the match.

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