teachers day

Teachers Day Songs

Teachers Day

Teachers' Days are intended to be special days for the appreciation of teachers,
Teachers Day Songs

She was long and she was lean Shes a middleaged dream
And that lady means the whole world to me Its a natural achievement
Conquering my homework With her image pounding in my brain
Shes an inspiration For my graduation And she helps to keep the classroom
sane Oh teacher I need you like a little child
You got something in you to drive a schoolboy wild You give me education
in the lovesick blues Help me get straight come out and
say Teacher I, teacher I, teacher I, Teacher I need you I have to write a letter
Tell about my feelings Just to let her know the scene Focus my attention
On some further education In connection with the birdies and the bees So
Im sitting in the classroom Im looking like a zombie Im waiting for the bell to ring
Ive got John Wayne stances Ive got erroll Flynn advances
And it doesnt mean a doggone thing

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