surprising health benefits of tea

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Teas that Make a Brilliant Morning Brew

Surprising Health Benefits Of Tea

The Surprising Health effects of tea have been examined Ever since.
Teas that Make a Brilliant Morning Brew

The joy of sipping a hot cup of tea early in the morning is almost immeasurable, right? A super drink infused with umpteen health benefits is what makes this hot beverage a popular drink across the world. For the uninitiated, tea is produced from the plant camellia sinesis (loaded with fluorides and tannins), which even helps protect your teeth from decay. The entire process of brewing tea leaves can be exciting, especially when it is available in so many types, brands and flavours. The ancient drink also boasts of multiple benefits like increasing immunity, protecting against cancer and reduce risk of diabetes.

Perk Up Your Afternoon With a Glass of Thai Iced Tea
Herbal tea
For the newlyweds
Controls gum bleeding
Tea goodness for hair
Green tea
White tea
Deodorant for your smelly feet
Shed those excess kilos
De stress with tea leaves
Takes care of sunburns
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