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Oat Bran Oatmeal


Oat Bran Oatmeal

Oats, oat bran, and oatmeal are famous for providing soluble fiber, which has been shown to help lower cholesterol levels, thus lowering the risk of heart disease.
Although oats are not the only source of soluble fiber, they are an excellent source and a familiar, easily available food.
Studies have found that eating 3 grams of soluble oat fiber per day can help some people with high cholesterol lower their cholesterol levels by 8 to 23 percent.
Since itís estimated that each 1 percent drop in serum cholesterol translates to a 2 percent decrease in the risk of developing heart disease, oats have become a part of many health programs.
Oats are known for their external soothing properties, so perhaps itís not surprising that they also provide some special antioxidants. Avenanthramides help prevent free radicals from damaging LDL cholesterol, helping to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Like many other whole grains, oats are a good source of magnesium, a mineral involved in many of the reactions vital to human metabolism.
Beta-glucan is a component of the soluble fiber in oats that is also found in some seaweeds, mushrooms, and brewerís yeast. Beta-glucan is believed to help fight bacterial infections. Patients with type 2 diabetes who were given foods rich in beta-glucans experienced much lower rises in blood sugar than those who were given white rice or white bread.
Most of the special nutritional Benefits of oats are concentrated in the bran. Oat bran cereal can be an efficient way to maximize those benefits. Oat bran provides about 50 percent more fiberóboth soluble and insolubleóthan quick oats, and it contains more protein.
Nutritional Facts :
One-half cup of cooked oat bran provides 44 calories, 12.6 g carbohydrate, 3.5 g protein, 0.9 g fat, 6 g dietary fiber, 7 mcg folic acid, 101 mg potassium, 131 mg phosphorus, 11 mg calcium, 44 mg magnesium, and 1.06 mg manganese.

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