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Milk and Skim Milk


Milk and Skim Milk

A recent study found that calcium from dairy foods (1000 to 1400 milligrams per day) changes the way the body burns fat, increasing the metabolism of fat. This helps explain how skim milk not only provides sound nutrition, but may also help you lose weight.
Fat-free milk is high in protein, calcium, and the B vitamins, including B12. If you are still drinking whole milk, switching to nonfat milk can be a significant move toward healthier living all by itself. Not only will you cut fat intake and calories, but you’ll get more protein and vitamins in place of the fat. Start by switching from whole milk to 2 percent, then to 1 percent, and finally to skim milk.
Nutritional Facts :
One cup of skim milk provides 86 calories, 12 g carbohydrate, 8 g protein, 0.5 g fat, 0 g dietary fiber, 500 IU vitamin A, 1 mcg vitamin B12, 0.2 mg niacin, 1 mg pantothenic acid, 0.4 mg riboflavin, 3 mcg vitamin D, 302 mg calcium, 103 mg sodium, 247 mg phosphorus, and 382 mg potassium.

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