super easy hairstyles for lazy girls

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Unpolished Bun

Super Easy Hairstyles for Lazy Girls

Unpolished Bun

  • Twist textured hair into a bun. (Dirty hair works best since it doesn't slip out of styles easily, but you can always fake two day texture by spraying it with dry shampoo, like Dove Refresh+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo, to create extra grip.)

  • Insert a gold pin through the right side of the bun with the open ends toward the left side of the bun. Used here was the YS Park Gold 4 inch Pin.

  • Double Knotted Pony
    Headband Halo
    Twisted tousled Waves
    Easy Intricate Braid
    Side braided pony
    Unpolished Bun
    Pretty twisted
    Securely Side Swept
    Voluminous Ponytail
    A Classy Pony
    Triple topsy tail
    Flower Braid
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