summer drinks

Beyond Water

Summer Drinks

Beyond Water

Certainly water is important for keeping you healthy and hydrated. But it's just one of many beverage choices offering health benefits. According to a report from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Science, a variety of beverages and foods is well suited to satisfy the different fluid requirements of people of all ages and activity levels, in different climates and states of health. The many flavor options certainly make it more enjoyable to drink all that we need each day, approximately 9 to 13 cups for adults.

Berry Good Smoothie
Fresh Ginger Beer
Beyond Water
Citrus Tea Punch
Strawberry Agua Fresca
Mint Mojito
Watermelon Cooler
Spicy Mango Orange Slush
Orange Sports Drink
Sparkling Lime Mint Quencher
Raspberry Lemonade
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