stunts mania

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Stunts Mania

Stunt Mania. Perform enough stunts within the given time to unlock the next level

Skitching abbreviated from ski hitching or skate hitching , pron is the act of hitching a ride by holding onto a motor vehicle while riding on a skateboard or roller skates. It is also sometimes referred to as bumper hitching, bumpershining, poggying, or bizzing, bumper jumping, and hooky bobbing,the latter three referring primarily to the equivalent done on icy or snowy streets without a skateboard or roller skates, but skitching does not include a snowboard the proper wording for that is snitching. In addition, skitching can be performed on a bicycle or Inner tube.

Water Stunt
Back Spot
Prep or Extension Prep
Fender Grab
Front spot
The Cossack Drag or Death Drag
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