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Bases and spotters

Stunts Mania

Stunt Mania. Perform enough stunts within the given time to unlock the next level
Bases and spotters

Bases are the athletes that hold the flyer or top in the air during the stunt. They are responsible for keeping their flyer in the air, as well as making sure she is safe at all times. Bases are very strong and are usually assigned together based on height to create level platform for the flyer to perform an action. There are few recognized styles of stunting coed, all girl, and hybrid. There are no gender requirements for a base, both males and females can be bases. Bases have the responsibility of carrying out the stunt and keeping the flyer in the air. The bottom person needs to complete every stunt to the exact way it is supposed to be performed in order for it to work every single time, especially when it needs to count the most in a sports game or a competition. Their most important tool is their legs because they use it too extend cradles and basket tosses higher. Both bases at all times, should be looking at their flyer in the air because it is their responsibility to hold them up and keep them safe. If at any time the flyer is falling, both bases should actively try to stop the flyer from touching the floor so they do not get seriously injured. Spotters should stand behind the stunt with their hands together and ready to catch if the stunt for some reason must come down.

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