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Stunts Mania

Stunt Mania. Perform enough stunts within the given time to unlock the next level
11. Extension
In an Extension, also known as a full , the flyer stands with each foot in the hands of a base while her arms are in an extended overhead position. The back can either hold the ankles of the flyer, or support the wrists of the bases depending on state rules. In a single based stunt, the base will hold both of the flyer feet above his or her head, with their arms locked.
12. Shoulder stand
In a shoulder stand, somebody stands on another person shoulders. The base grabs their calves or ankles. To get out of this stunt, the base must pop the flyer forward catching them by their hips and slowly lowering the top to the floor.
13. Chair
The basis for the stunt is for the base to lift the flyer onto their palm, which they then extend upwards into a Liberty position. To enter into this stunt, the base must use proper toss technique which is popping the flyer in the air follow through leaving the right arm extended while dropping your left arm to your chest. The top person s hips should be a couple of inches above your extended arms at the end of your toss. If the top s hips are any lower, you will catch the flyer with your arm bent and be forced to press the chair up. While the flyer is lowering down, spot for their seat and grab the left ankle for balance. Make sure to keep the right arm overhead pressed against your ear, for stability, and locked out you also want to keep the flyer left leg in close to the body to help balance the stunt. When you catch the chair, absorb with your legs (not your arm) to take the pressure off of the landing. As a flyer, jump slightly back over your base, bend your right leg, and assume a chair position. In the chair, your right leg should be resting on the base s right forearm, your shoulders are directly over your hips, and your left leg should be positioned slightly in front of your hip. 5 The flyer stunts with her arms and free leg, usually by putting her foot in a 90 degree angle making a liberty pose and her arms in a high V position.
14. Toe touch basket
The flyer is thrown from an extension where she fully extends her arms by her ears, using her shoulders to set up. Then, at the peak of the toss, the flyer will bring both of her legs to her chest. Her legs are straddled and straight, parallel to the ground, with her toes pointed her hands are in fists or blades and arms in a T motion. After executing this pose in the basket, the flyer will squeeze her legs together to land in a cradle position.
15. Donuts
This is a good basic stunt to start off on since it is delivered at low speeds and leaves you with both wheels on the ground. It looks ultra cool though! Start at a speed not more than 10 km/h, stand up on the pegs off the seat and pull in the clutch, rolling free. Shift your body weight to the front with a light grip on the front brakes and build the revs up. With a light pressure on the front brakes, slowly release the clutch to get the rear wheel spinning and smoking. Lean the bike in slightly to the inside to start the circle. As long as you keep the right balance between the front brake and the clutch, you ll keep moving forward with the rear wheel spinning, keep you balance right and before you know it, you should have a perfect circle, lots of smoke and massive applause!
16. Wheelies
The bread and butter stunt for any real stunter is actually not as hard as it looks, especially if you take it easy. Most Indian bikes do not have enough power to get the front up on throttle alone, so you ll have to use the clutch. Start with being comfy on the bike, build up a rolling speed of about 5 km/h, dab the front brake and push down on the handlebar to get the forks compressed. Keep your right foot poised on the rear brake. Once you re off the front brake, the forks will start rebounding. Move your body weight back to carry on the momentum, and at the same time build up the revs and let go of the clutch quickly. Keep just one finger on the clutch because you ll need the rest to hold on the handlebars once your front wheel is in the air. do not forget the rear brake though that your insurance for the wheelie the moment things start getting too hairy, get on the rear brake gently to bring the bike back down. After a little practice, you ll understand the right balance between the throttle and the rear brake to find the tipping point of the bike, and keep it there so you can travel a longer distance on one wheel. Avoid going sideways by balancing your upper body, and bring the front down if the bike starts going in an unexpected direction. Using a little bit of throttle as you re landing will make sure your forks stay intact!
17. Insane Urban Biking Stunts
How long has it been since you have watched something that gave you an adrenaline rush. Long is it. Wait no more as herein would make your heart skip a beat.This shows the footage of one of the scariest, insane and crazy biking stunt that a man undertook while taking his trial bike out for a spin in his hometown. What is the most interesting part of thestunt is that the wheels of the bike rarely touch the road. They are either atop a railing edge or over the seating benches. And just when you think that nothing could surpass a particular stunt of his, the man in question betters himself and proves you wrong.
18. Daredevil Bike Stunt
Have you got what it takes to become a dynamic Daredevil. I dare you to survive this extreme motorbike stunt game! Experience all the joys of being a daredevil, but without the hassle of broken bones. Jump over various barrels and perform action stunts and impressive tricks in this fun and challenging game. You control the motorcycle through a series of daredevil jumps. By executing tricks during the approach and jump stages you earn extra points. Be careful, the further you jump the harder you fall. Have fun Daredevil!
19. Blog bike stunt
One of the most frequently used practical stunts is stage combat. Although contact is normally avoided, many elements of stage combat, such as sword fighting, martial arts, and acrobatics required contact between performers in order to facilitate the creation of a particular effect, such as noise or physical interaction.
20. Giant mango theft is PR stuns
A giant ten metre high mango model owned by the tourist board of Australian town Bowen has disappeared in what appears to be a publicity stunt.The story goes that tourist attraction, built in 2002 to promote Bowens status as a mango growing district, was discovered missing on Monday morning and that CCTV footage showed a suspicious looking truck arriving at the site. However, the speed and effectiveness of the publicity campaign to retrieve the mango, led by Sydney marketing firm Banjo Advertising, has led many to believe it is all a publicity stunt.

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