street food in india

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Street Food in India

Top Indian Street Food Recipes, Chole Bhature, Kulcha, Aloo Tikki, Samosa, Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri.
81. Chana masala
Chana masala, also known as chole masala or channay or Chholay is a popular dish in Indian and Pakistani cuisine. The main ingredient is chickpeas. It is fairly dry and spicy with a sour citrus note.
82. Pineapple
The pineapple is a tropical plant with edible multiple fruit consisting of coalesced berries, and the most economically significant plant in the Bromeliaceae family
83. Papaya
This article is about Caricapapaya, the widely cultivatedpapaya(or papaw or pawpaw), a tropical fruit tree. For the mountainpapaya
84. Appam
Appam is a pancake made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. It is a popular food in South Indian states ofKeralaandTamil Nadu. It is also very popular inSri Lankawhere it is commonly referred by it anglicized name asHopper.
85. Bikaneri Bhujia
Bikaneri Bhujiaoften simply calledBhujiais a popular crispysnackand is prepared by usingbesan(gram flour) and spices, originating from,Bikaner, a town in the western state ofRajasthanin India. Light yellow in colour it is famously known to have been first prepared inBikaner, and over the years has not just become a characteristic product of Bikaner, but also a generic name.[1]Each variety prepared by large scale manufacturers also go through a rigorous testing procedure. This ensures that every new variety though mixed with different ingredients does not lose its basic nature.
86. Bonda
ASouth Indiansnack that has various sweet and spicy versions of it in different regions. The process of making a spicy bonda involves deepfryingpotato(or other vegetables) filling dipped ingram flourbatter.
87. Khandvi
A collective term used for a type of snacks inGujarati cuisine, from theIndianstate ofGujarat. Some are fried items which are then dried and can be stored, others are fresh or steamed.
88. Malapua
Malapuaispancakeserved as a dessert or a snack. which is also served toJagannathin his Sakala Dhupa (Morning food served to the lord). It is During Paush Sankranti, Malapuas are prepared inBengalihomes. Malapuas along with mutton curry is served in many nonvegetarian Maithil homes during Holi.
89. Potato chip
Apotato chip(American English) orcrisp(British English) is a thin slice ofpotatothat has beendeep friedor baked until crunchy. Potato chips are commonly served as asnack,side dish, orappetizer. The basic chips are cooked andsalted; additional varieties are manufactured using various flavorings and ingredients includingherbs,spices,cheeses, and artificial additives.
90. Soya Chaap
You need to boil it first before cooking. It tastes great. You can make side dish with it, with/without gravy or even chat or any snack.

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