street food in india

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Street Food in India

Top Indian Street Food Recipes, Chole Bhature, Kulcha, Aloo Tikki, Samosa, Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri.
11. Benne dosas
Dosas are savoury, south Indian pancakes made from rice batter and black lentils. Benne dosa translates as butter pancake these are made with extra butter and served with different toppings of your choice.
12. Vellayappam Kerala
A light, lacy pancake made with rice and coconut. Its traditionally eaten for breakfast as an accompaniment to a curry.
13. Capsicum bhaji
Spicy pepper fried with chopped onions and coated in a crisp batter.
14. Aloo tikki
Spicy potato croquettes served with tamarind sauce, chopped green chillies, and green peas or chickpeas.
15. Paratha
Wholewheat unleavened bread, panfried with butter ghee and stuffed with vegetables like boiled potatoes, radishes, cauliflower, or Indian cheese paneer. Serve spread with butter as an accompaniment to curry, or with a side of chutney, yoghurt, or pickles.
16. Falooda kulfi
Kulfi is a slowly prepared Indian ice cream made with evaporated and sweetened milk. This kulfi is flavoured with rose, basil, jelly, and tapioca pearls.
17. Momos Jammu
These boiled dumplings originated in Tibet and Nepal but are served all across India. Traditionally filled with yak meat, you can now buy vegetable versions and those filled with beef and lamb on street corners with a dip or, in winter, a hot clear soup for dunking.
18. Grilled sandwiches
Not just any grilled sandwich, this is one filled with spiced mashedpotato, coriander leaves, masala, and green chutney. Available on all selfrespecting street corners.
19. Idli chilli fry Pune
A simple stirfry combining chopped leftover idlis steamed rice cakes with vegetables, chilli, and coriander.
20. Litti chokha Bihar
Coalbaked balls of wheat flour and ghee clarified butter, served with a spicy aubergine, onion, and tomato mash.

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