Srimad Bhagavad Gita
The Hidden Treasure of the Sweet Absolute.

O Arjuna, whatever has been considered the origin of all beings I am certainly that. No stationary or moving being, object or soul, can exist separately from Me.
10:39 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

The seven great sages headed by Marici, and preceding them, the four brahminical sages headed by Sanaka, and also the fourteen Manus or progenitors headed by Svayambhuva all are empowered by Me and are born of My mental expansion, Lord Brahma who is know
10:6 | The Great Treasure : Vibhuti-yoga

Thus, seeing his own kinsmen present on the battlefield, the son of Kunti, Arjuna, griefstricken and overwhelmed with great compassion, spoke the following words:
1:27 | Observing the Armies : Sainya-darsana

Weapons cannot pierce the soul, and fire cannot burn him. He can neither be moistened with water, nor dried by the air.
2:23 | The Constitution of the Soul : Sankhya-yoga

O universal form! Seeing Your sky-touching, glowing form of myriad colors, of gaping mouth and gigantic glaring eyes, my heart is overwhelmed with fear and I cannot in any way remain composed or calm.
11:24 | The Vision of the Universal Form : Visva-rupa-darsana-yoga

At once, conchshells, kettledrums, hand-drums, bugles, and other instruments were suddenly sounded, producing a tumultuous vibration.
1:13 | Observing the Armies : Sainya-darsana

O King, and now I repeatedly remember I marvel at that amazing, tremendous universal form of the Supreme Lord Hari, and my whole being thrills with emotion.
18:77 | The Supreme Goal of Divine Freedom : Moksa-yoga

O purehearted Arjuna, I have thus explained to you this most hidden treasure of all the scriptures. O Bharata, embracing this nectar in the core of their hearts, the virtuous souls revel in the perfection of supreme success.
15:20 | The Supreme Person : Purusottama-yoga

Therefore, steady your mind exclusively upon Me Syamasundara and remember Me constantly. When your intelligence has thus become reposed in Me, you will definitely reside with Me after death. Of this there is no doubt.
12:8 | The Path of Devotion : Bhakti-yoga

But, O Partha, the great souls take refuge in the divine and godly nature. With unalloyed hearts, they render loving service exclusively unto Me Krsna, of human features knowing Me, in this eternal form, to be the primeval cause of all beings.
9:13 | The Hidden Treasure : Raja-guhya-yoga

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