smartest people of all time

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Christopher Langan

Smartest People Of All Time

Smartest People Of All Time
Christopher Langan

Born in San Francisco in 1952, self educated Christopher Langan is a special kind of genius. By the time he turned four, he d already taught himself how to read. At high school, according to Langan, he tutored himself in advanced math, physics, philosophy, Latin and Greek, all that. What s more, he allegedly got 100 percent on his SAT test, even though he slept through some of it. Langan attended Montana State University but dropped out. Rather like the titular character in 1997 movie Good Will Hunting, Langan didn t choose an academic career; instead, he worked as a doorman and developed his Cognitive Theoretic Model of the Universe during his downtime. In 1999, on TV newsmagazine 20/20, neuropsychologist Robert Novelly stated that Langan s IQ said to be between 195 and 210 was the highest he d ever measured. Langan has been dubbed the smartest man in America.

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