selfie ideas

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Experiment with filters

Selfie Ideas

Learning how to pose for a selfie will make a much bigger difference in how you look in the photo.
Experiment with filters

Most people who take selfies also happen to have an app on their phones that can add interesting dimension through the use of color and light filters. Not every filter is right for every selfie, so play around with different options before settling on the best one.
The simplest filters are black and white and sepia. Even if you dont have an app installed on your phone, you probably have these features.
Other popular filters include those that make the photo look vintage, creepy, romantic, or darker. Feel free to test them all out and see which ones go best with your photo.

Grab a few more people to be in the photo
Use your phones back camera
The Candid pose
The your getting ready pose
Have an interesting expression
Know which poses are considered passe
Experiment with filters
The classy pose
Get in on trends
Show Your Sense of Humor
Extend your Neck Forward
The Wet look
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