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Save Electricity

Electricity is the set of physical phenomena associated with the presence and flow.
Unplug appliances when they arent in use
Turn off the lights
Change your bulbs
Embrace natural light
Use less hot water
Use the air conditioner less frequently
Service your air conditioner
Kill energy vampires
Clean out the lint for dryer efficiency
Change furnace filter
Save on electric water heating
Get smart metering
Run your refrigerator for less
Buy Energy Star appliances
Install smarter switches
Switch to CFLs
Reduce excessive heating or cooling
Install an efficient shower head
Install efficient lighting
Install a solar water heater
Insulate the ceiling roof
Less Use of Fossil Fuels
Use appliances and electronics responsibly
Monitor your fuel economy
Maintain your motor
Turn down the thermostat
Decrease the hot water temperature
Wash economically
Switch your ceiling fan
Change or clean your AC s air filters
Make sure your AC has a rating
Make saving automatic
Insulate your walls
Give your AC tune up
Check for household leaks
Use ceiling fans
Cover all bare floors
Give your air compressor space
Buy bulbs for less
Replace standard bulbs with CFLs
Use the right bulb
Replace halogen light bulbs
Keep your freezer full
Replace your refrigerator
Turn off your water heater
Choose the right water heater
Avoid energy vampires
Unplug battery chargers
Reduce the strain on your AC
Keep your roof lasting longer
Motion sensor
Clean out lint
Water heater timer
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