rules to play yo yo

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A Bit of Yo Yo History

Rules to play Yo Yo

A Bit of Yo Yo History

The yo yo is one of the oldest toys around and it dates back to 500BC. It was found to have existed in Ancient Greece based on archeological evidences found on vase paintings. The first yo yos were made of terra cotta disks.Yo yos made from rocks were used as hunting weapons in the Philippines during the 16th century. The hunters hunt from trees by throwing rock yo yos at wild animals that walk beneath the trees.One of the first toys to be brought into space was the yo yo. One lucky yellow yo yo went on the space shuttle Discovery in 1985 when the crew members went on their space mission that year. Astronaut David Griggs was the first man to play the yo yo in outer space and demonstrated the effects of weighlessness on a swinging yo yo.

Sleeper arm
Forward pass
Flying saucer
A Bit of Yo Yo History
Two handed play
Around the World
Walk the Dog
Equipment required
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