rules to play wheelchair tennis

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The competitive wheelchair tennis player

Rules to play Wheelchair Tennis

The competitive wheelchair tennis player

A. In order to be eligible to compete in sanctioned ITF wheelchair tennis tournaments and the paralympic games, a player must have a medically diagnosed permanent mobility related physical disability. This permanent physical disability must result in a substantial or total loss of function in one or more lower extremities. If, as a result of these functional limitations, the player is unable to play competitive able bodied tennis that is, having the mobility to cover the court with adequate speed, then the player is eligible to play competitive wheelchair tennis in sanctioned ITF wheelchair tennis tournaments.
B. Examples of permanent disabilities that meet the eligibility criteria are paralysis; amputation; radiological evidence of limb shortening; partial to full joint ankylosis or joint replacement. Such physical disabilities must consistently interfere with functional mobility. Findings such as soft tissue contracture, ligamentous instability, edema or disuse atrophy, or symptoms such as pain or numbness, without other eligibility criteria listed above shall not be considered a permanent physical disability.
C. A quadriplegic division player shall be characterized as one who meets the criteria for permanent physical disability as defined above in at least three extremities. Any questions or appeal as to a players eligibility to participate under this rule will be decided under the procedures listed in Appendix III.

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