rules to play wheelchair tennis

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Rules to play Wheelchair Tennis


As of 2012, people with physical disabilities are eligible to compete in this sport.Male and female athletes with a physical disability as defined by the IPC can compete in Quad tetraplegia or Open divisions.[citation needed] To be eligible to play wheelchair tennis, a competitor must have a medically diagnosed, permanent, mobilityrelated physical disability and then meet one of several criteria which includes Neurological deficit at the S1 level or proximal, anklylosis, severe arthrosis or joint replacementin the lower half, amputation of any lowerextremity joint proximal to the metatarsophalangeal jointor a functional disability equivalent to the above.Lower leg amputation competitors are allowed to participate in wheelchair sport following classification rules for them based on functional mobility.

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The Ball in Play
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Player loses point
Preparation of Equipment
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Toilet breaks
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