rules to play weightlifting

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Weightlifting Equipment

Rules to play Weightlifting

Weightlifting Equipment

Men and women are to use different barbells. Men use barbells weighing 20kg and 15kg respectively.Each bar must be equipped with two collars weighing 2.5Kg each.Discs are to be color coordinated according to the following: 25Kg red, 20Kg blue, 15Kg yellow 0.50Kg, 10Kg green, 5Kg white, 2.5Kg black, 0.50Kg chrome, and 0.25Kg chrome. The barbell is loaded in progression of lowest weight to heaviest weight. The barbell is never to be reduced to a lighter weight once an athlete has has performed a lift with the weight announced.
The minimum progression weight after a good lift is 2.5kg.The time limit for an athlete to begin an attempt after being called to the platform is one minute. At 30 seconds remaining there is a warning signal. The exception to this rule is when a competitor takes two attempts one after the other, in which case the athlete may rest up to 2 minutes. In such case, the athlete also gets a warning after 90 seconds have elapsed without a lift.

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