rules to play water skiing

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The Boat Operator

Rules to play Water Skiing

The Boat Operator

Before pulling up the skier, double check the path ahead for obstacles and make sure the towline is not caught in the propeller or wrapped around the skier. Never accelerate until the skier is holding the towline handle, with the ski tip or tips showing above water and in front, and signals hit it.It is important for skiers to have a smooth acceleration as they come up on a plane. As the operator, you should ease the throttle at first with a slight increase in speed.Never attempt sharp turns with the boat, especially if the skier is cutting sharply outside the wake on either side. If an approaching obstacle forces you into an unexpected turn, throttle back as you turn. Signal the turn to the skier, remembering that it is better to dunk the skier than risk an accident.When a skier falls, return without delay. Other boaters may not easily see a skier in the water, and the presence of the tow boat may keep other boaters away from the general area. Since a large percentage of serious water skiing injury accidents are a result of improper operation by the driver during skier pickup, approach with caution from the drivers side so the skier is always in view and on your side of the boat. NEVER back the boat up to a person in the water. The engine should be shut off when you are near the skier so there is no danger from the propeller. Remember, when boat engines idle, even in neutral, the propeller may still turn and injure the unwary skier or entangle and cut the tow lines. If a skier falls and is injured, it is wise to proceed with caution. Any injury may be aggravated by pulling the person aboard. Get into the water to support the skier until the nature of the injury is known.The rules of the road do not provide any special privileges for vessels towing skiers.

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