rules to play water skiing

The Skier

Rules to play Water Skiing

The Skier

Be alert for cross wakes, partially submerged objects, swimmers, rafters, or anything that might come between you and the boat. It is highly recommended that you wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device designed for water skiing at all times. It will allow you to rest in the water while waiting for the boat, it protects the rib cage and cushions falls, and its bright color will help others in the area to spot you. Ski belts are not Coast Guard approved and do not offer positive protection to a fallen or unconscious skier.If you are going to fall, relax! Try to make a smooth water entry. Never fall forward over the top of your skis. You cans top suddenly by sitting to the back of the skis and dragging your hands. After you have fallen, hold one ski out of the water in an upright position to warn approaching boats.Skiing in cold water or weather increases your susceptibility to hypothermia. Special precautions, such as wearing a wet suit, should be taken.

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