Rules to play Water Skiing
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Slalom Course
Driving the slalom course is a specialized task and ideally you need instruction from someone who knows how. Its not that difficult, but there is no substitute for being shown. Nevertheless, heres some basics.The boat must follow a straight line between the pairs of boat buoys in the centre of the course, as shown above. The two pairs of buoys at either end of the course are called the entry and exit gates. After the boat passes the gates on the way out of the slalom course, you should count to at least 3 (one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand) before you start your keyhole turn so that you can come back down the course the other way. The idea here is to give yourself and the skier adequate clearance and time to get lined up for the next pass through the course.

Freestyle jumping
The Keyhole Turn
Towing Slalom Skiers
Skier Signals
Towing Biskits
Driver Observer
Where to Ski

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